The Tower books Tornado Wallace, Parris Mitchell, DJ Bus Replacement Service and Flørist

Don’t be fooled by their turn-of-the-millennium website and promo video, The Tower is festival in the East Midlands who know exactly what they’re doing. Returning to Fonaby Top for a second year at the end of June, their aim is to elevate the festival concept by creating a contemporary society, made richer through design.

Sounds clichéd at first glance, but a lot of thought has gone into this.  Everything is carefully curated, from a visual identity that matches the local council to design spearheaded by award-winning architecture firm. Speaking of their approach, Hesselbrand Director Jesper Henriksson says, they will “refine the overall site layout and intensify multi-sensory experience, using shock-absorbing dance floors, polarised glass roofs and interactive light/video installation.

The lineup is just as visionary, moving away from the festival programming identikit that makes announcement season such a bore. Parris Mitchell, Tornado WallaceDJ Bus Replacement Service, DJ Vegetable, BullionFlørist, Ece Duzgit and D. Tiffany are all names you’ll struggle to find at other UK festivals this year. They’ll be joining Optimo, Dan Shake, Mark Grusane and John Gómez

The site will revolve around an historic 39 metre pillar that crowns the site, a memorial to the planting of 12.5 million trees. The Tower festival will continue this legacy by planting a tree for each ticket sold making it one of the most carbon negative and eco-friendly events in the UK.

£60 weekend tickets available from The Tower’s webiste. More info from Facebook and RA.

Full Lineup

Aaron L | a boy from outer space | Arturas | Ash | Bubble Chamber | Bullion | Calypso Steve | Castro Moore | Childsplay | D. Tiffany | Dan Shake | DJ Bus Replacement Service | DJ Keith Lorraine | DJ Vegetable | Dorado | Ece Duzgit | Eva Geist (live) | Extrapolation Records | Float A Bort | Flørist | GiGi FM | High Tracksuit | iona | Jaye Ward | John Gómez | Jyoty | Kane West | Kenny White | Lucid Stannard | Mark Grusane | Mastermind | Miles Russell | Muddled Miranda | Nadine Artois (Pxssy Palace) | Nemo | Optimo (Espacio) | Ossia | Parris Mitchell | Period Sets | Phil Mison | Pretty Pretty Good | Ranieri | Sonny | Terry Juarez | Tomas Station | Tommy Gold | Tornado Wallace | Vio DJ | Voyeur | Wes Baggaley | Wharfwhit | William

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