Uva brings African Acid Is The Future, Call Super & DJ Sports to a 15th Century Spanish monastery

Due West of Marbella and Malaga in Southern Spain is the stunningly beautiful Ronda. Deep in wine country and a UNESCO World Heritage site, it will host Uva Festival in a Descalzos Viejos a 15th Century monastery converted into a vineyard facing Ronda’s iconic cliffs.

As well as joyously reinforcing one’s proximity to Europe and its jewels, the festival boast a considerable lineup, namely Call Super, Zenker Brothers, Berlin party institution African Acid is the Future, Jonny Rock and the comrades from Help Recordings, DJs Sports and Central. To top it off on the aesthetic front, rave-flyer legend Luca Lozano has been hired for the festival’s imagery and posters, contributing also to the festival’s audiovisual installations.

Uva Festival will grace the cliffs of Descalzos Viejos, Ronda 8-10 June. Tickets available here and full lineup below.

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