Premiere: DJ Absolutely Shit – A Night At Shelleys Laserdome

As you can tell from the choice moniker, DJ Absolutely Shit aka Il Bosco, head bulb of the mighty Red Laser records never takes things too seriously. But what he and the Red Laser / Full Beam / Wet Play / Hi-Tackle crew know how to do properly, is have a fucking good time.

‘A Night At Shelley’s Laserdome’ encapsulates that perfectly, with Bosco channeling his inner raver and dropping something that wouldn’t have been out of place back in the heyday of the infamous Laserdome. It’s got all the elements of a classic from that era: layered breakbeat loops, hip house vocal snippets, that classic sweeping hoover and a good measure of the donk-esque synth on top. Couple this with a euphoric hands in the air breakdown and a choice little vocal sample from Sweet Mercy – ‘Reach Out’ and you’ve got yourself a breakhardcore anthem that’s far from “absolutely shit”, instead giving a little glimpse into the mind of a young OG bulb.

DJ Absolutely Shit – Stop It Your Hurting Me EP is out 22nd Feb – buy from Hi-Tackle. Catch Red Laser at The White Hotel, Manchester on 17th Feb.

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