Premiere: Albrecht La’Brooy – Sealers Cove

Albrecht La’brooy have been on the list of Australia’s finest exports since their debut release in 2014 on the ear propping Analogue Attic Recordings. With their distinct blend of ambient landscapes, live musicianship, local field recordings and thoughtful production the duo have been slowly building a back catalogue of records that are as enjoyable in open-minded clubs as they are walking the dog. Their latest release Tidal River, released via R&Sā€™ more ambient imprint Apollo Records is no exception.

The entirely improvised six-tracker, inspired by the scenic national parks on the south-east coast of Australia, conceptually guides the listeners from morning to night and recruits new collaborators on the way. Our pick of the punch, ‘Sealers Cove’, coasts the listener through field recordings of gentle water currents, piano flutters and bass and guitar lines that sound like they could fit in just as well in a slowcore song as they do in this nine-minute hazy epic.

Tidal River is out 2nd Feb ā€“ buy from Bandcamp.

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