Premiere: Otzeki – Sun Is Rising (Desert Sound Colony Remix)

Following a year of extensive touring, electronic dance rock duo Otzeki recently returned with ‘Sun is Rising’, the third release on their own label Discophorus. Since their first record appeared in mid-2016 the London-based cousins have forged out a sound that merges an electronic rhythm section with expressive falsetto vocals and guitar pop sensibilities. The latest release is no exception, but will be followed up with a four-track remix EP, including an excellent rework from ascendant producer Desert Sound Colony, aka Liam Wachs.

DSC channels the ethos of his own label Holding Hands, home to the recently released dance-floor killer ‘Aunt Wendy’s Wedding in Wales’, transforming Otzeki’s original into an emotive late night stepper. The lush textures and shuffling electronica percussion are stripped back into a techy breakbeat, the echo-laden snares providing a counterpoint to the dry drum sounds. He stretches the track out to twice it’s original length; gradually layering cascading pads and dub textures before reintroducing the falsetto vocals, primed for that feeling of the end-of-night sublime.

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