Premiere: Siassia & Tokobina – Pointe Noire

It’s reassuring how much ‘lost’ music is being rediscovered. Indeed, the rise of vinyl sales and DIY record labels means that a lot of old and near forgotten music is being given a new lease of life. This is certainly the case with the first endeavour of Nouvelle Ambiance a new label from the team behind Sofrito. A reissue of a 1980’s little known, commercially unsuccessful Franco-Congolese collaboration, this kind of vibrant EP is sure to make more of an impact at the second time of trying.

Our pick is the B1, which takes it’s title from frontman Albert Siassia’s hometown Pointe Noire. Siassia’s lead vocals are the track’s natural centrepiece, striking and warm they accompany the dulcet tones of his band, Tokobina, perfectly. Previously the band played reggae and you can tell, there’s a repeated minimalism to the instrumental surroundings that, accompanied with a change of direction, land the sound somewhere around leisurely, lighter, upbeat afro-post-punk.

AMBIANCE 001 is out 3rd November.


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