Brainchild presents Nubya Garcia & On Mass International Musicians

In partnership alongside distinguished London venue Roundhouse, Brainchild present an evening of international musical dialogue as they invite musicians from Brazil, the Faroe Islands and India for a session of conversation, jamming and live sets. Celebrating and exploring not just domestic but international approaches to music making, the evening coincides with the Roundhouse’s On Mass programme, bringing together international musicians to the city for a one night showcase in company with some of London’s exciting musical projects and artists.

As part of event proceedings to be set in East London’s Total Refreshment Centre, Nubya Garcia will be playing a headline set with her all-star band, whilst fellow saxophonist Wayne Francis (United Vibrations, Ahnansé) warms up by leading a jam that opens the stage to the Faroese and Brazilian singers and instrumentalists and the Indian drummers and beat-boxers. There will also be a performance led by former female beatbox world champion Bellatrix but not before the evening is opened by ZAKIA spinning some worldly sounds. Make sure you’re there for what promises to be a special night indeed.

Listen to ZAKIA’s recent mix for our Diggers Directory series below.

For tickets and more information head to the Facebook event page.

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