Premiere: Merveille & Crosson – Quadra

Merveille & Crosson team up again for their second LP together on Detroit’s Visionquest, entitled ‘Cerulean’. The pair have intriguingly led the label in a tasteful direction, deviating away from the kind of drudging house sound that their reputation beholds and veering into the abstract realms of electronic music. The enveloping sound on the album poses an interesting experimental style of production with touches of avant-garde jazz, modern classical and leftfield ambience.

The premiere track, ‘Quadra’ is an engaging style of minimal aesthetics bridged with charming heights of meticulous melodies – the delicate sax and piano throughout is enriched with elegance whilst the looping drum work is filled with strung out Villalobos styled flavours.

Merveille & Crosson’s ‘Cerulean’ LP is out on Visionquest 31st October 2017.

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