Premiere: Panoram – Polyglot Dreaming

Some artists are as mysteriously intriguing as the music they put out. Isolated in an Italian village, influenced by a childhood warped by the hum of Japanese arcade kill screens, little information is available on the talented multi-instrumentalist Panoram. Nonetheless his steady output of one album a year since 2014 – on Firecracker, Origin Peoples and his own Wandering Eye – has earned a steadfast reputation for making smokey, electronic funk. 

The Question is a new five track EP on his own imprint again, an incredibly relaxing body of work that follows up the Toronto-based producer Ando Laj’s Collector LP, released earlier in the year. On ‘Polyglot Dreaming’, the sluggish, reverb-heavy production builds a lo-fi yet soothing groove, reminding us of PPU’s hazy R’n’B output of the past few years. Carrying a melancholic undertone, the distant vocal samples converse over spaced out vibrato guitar chords and an incredibly minimal bass line (which only comes in when it absolutely has to). It’s a unique take on broken-down, sample-tinged funk with a smoky late night ethos. 

The Question EP is out 1st September – buy from Bandcamp.

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