Premiere: Jon & Hugh – Another View

After kicking things off with Sean Thomas a.k.a Cop Envy’s The Weigh, Sydney’s Outer Time Inner Space imprint returns with a collaborative EP from Jon Watts and Hugh Burridge. Alongside being OTIS label owner, the latter has also penned work as Hubert Clarke Jr for WOLF and 100% Silk. 

‘Another View’ is just an extension of the open approach to club music that John and Hugh express as residents of the OTIS Sweet Echoes parties. The EP delightfully combines styles from all spectrums, from house to broken beat to jungle with a charming touch of jazz. The A1 and title track is the kind of stripped back jungle that would have been fitting on LTJ Bukem’s early Good Looking Records catalogue, displaying a deep soul-induced roller with stunning sax and keys taking you through this seven minute musical voyage. 

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