Premiere: Sunlightsquare – Oyelo (Kay Suzuki By The Sea Mix)

Seagulls and waves hitting the shore set the scene. Slowly, percussion and piano stabs swell from beneath the water and transport you to a Cuban beach and before you know it you’ve bought a Cuba Libre and you hips are starting to shake.

Claudio Passavanti aka Sunlightsquare has long been associated with this corner of the world, having worked on tracks for Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura project. This release sees him collaborating with Ronnie Scotts’ famed vocalist, Rene Alvarez, and our pick is reworked by the London-based Kay Suzuki. He strips back the TR-909 and 4/4 rhythm from the original, giving it a sparser, more irregular atmosphere and creates something you might play to turn heads at a Sunday garden BBQ or warm up for Hunee or Antal.

Oyelo EP is out 7th July – buy from the Sunlightsquare website. If you’re after more sounds from the sea, Kay has just made a new Diggin’ By The Sea mix, using only tracks that feature coastal tones. 

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