Premiere: Marcel Lune – How Are You

Motz Workman aka Marcel Lune may still be a fresh name to some of our readers, which you’ll find extremely surprising once you discover how unique and accomplished his soundscapes are. The Bristol-based house producer put out his first release back in 2013, but it wasn’t actually until March of this year that we became absorbed ourselves with the jazzy high-swung dance-floor groove ‘Easy Easy‘.

This month Mr Lune is returning to the Stockholm imprint Local Talk (Art Of TonesTurbojazz, Adesse VersionsLay-Far etc) with his debut album Astral PalmsSuitably named, the 12-track LP is an exotic basket of cosmic and out-of-space tropical sounds, using what sounds like the same classic hardware that has given artists such as Harvey Sutherland and Floating Points that similarly galactic dimension.

Today we premiere a highlight off the new record called ‘How Are You’, a masterfully layered 6-minute journey that mixes a potent concoction of interweaving oscillating interstellar synth lines that multiply as the track goes on. We’ll stress it again; the soundscape he’s creating takes real skill. Iridescent vocal samples hide just below the surface, producing melody that you wouldn’t otherwise notice is there. The rolling groove is organic, highly-energetic and perfectly wonky to get your feet moving the right way. We expect to see much more love for this name in 2017.

Marcel Lune’s Astral Palms is available now on digi via Bandcamp (as of writing this there’s only 1 limited edition test pressing left, so move like lightening if you want it on wax). The official vinyl will be available 10th June, which you can pre-order here.

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