Premiere: Doms & Deykers – No Life On The Surface

Steffi’s fabric mix has been a long time coming, but it’s landed at the beginning of a summer where the Dutch powerhouse is just as much at the top of her game as she ever has been. In a move that’s never been done before for a fabric mix, each track was commissioned specially, from Steffi’s collaborators and friends. It could have easily disrupted the flow, but there’s a certain groove that runs through that is characteristic of a Steffi set and something that must’ve been in the minds of everyone asked to contribute. 

Our pick sees Steffi, a lover of melody and rhythm, team up with the Dutch lover of darker percussive elements, Martyn, under their Doms & Deykers alias. With off-kilter hi-hats and Martyn’s characteristic syncopated bassline, ‘No Life On The Surface’ forms a pivotal point in the mix. With melody and rhythm at the core of the track, there are few lovers of Steffi that won’t love this track. 

fabric 94: Steffi is out 16th June and is accompanied by a launch party on Saturday 3rd June. Buy the release and tickets from the fabric website

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