Premiere: Reekee feat. Paolo Campani – Tortellini Jazz

Riccardo Masi, a.k.a Reekee, may be an unfamiliar name to many, but we’ve been keeping an eye on him since we first premiered his work last year. The Italian based producer has released a few EPs over the past couple years, all with jazz influences and mostly on small Italian labels like Roots Underground Records and Wrong Notes, alongside Lakuti’s Uzuri.

Like the first release we covered, it’s the often-unassuming B2 on his return to Wrong Notes that really does it for us again. ‘Tortellini Jazz’, featuring Paolo Campani is a rolling, jazzy house track that’s underpinned by a Glenn Underground-esq bass line, consistent bongo beat throughout and smooth keys. Although the keys take a slight back seat on the track, they keep the jazzy-momentum flowing, while allowing Paolo Campani’s sax to take centre stage giving the overall record a real Strictly Jaz Unit feel to it.

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