Premiere: Yazz Ahmed – Organ Eternal

Talented trumpet and flugelhorn player Yazz Ahmed is a performer not to be ignored. Bahraini born but UK-based, the exciting jazz musician’s arrangements bear strong influences from her Arabic roots, demonstrated wonderfully in her debut 2011 album Finding My Way Home. Excelling in her rich and intricate performance style, Yazz has more frequently explored the possibilities of electronic sonic manipulation, forming just another ingredient positioning her firmly within the growing number of acts today reshaping the jazz story in their own narratives.

Just like the bells of Mike Oldfield’s 1973 classic, Yazz’s ‘Organ Eternal’ taken from her four part album La Saboteuse, effectively worms its way into your consciousness with an ever-present melodic electric organ riff. Adding a layer of percussion, Yazz injects a Middle Eastern feel in warm toned drum skins and rattling tambourine zils. Agile drums add a psychedelic element to the piece whilst the main riff is given added emphasis with Shabaka Hutchings’ bass clarinet and Yazz’s trumpet, all before Yazz eventually breaks the mould, paving the way for a period of emotive expressive solos. After a much need breather in a beautiful broken down middle section, the track eventually picks up the pace racing to a epic finish. Don’t sleep on this one.

La Saboteuse is out 12th May 2017 via Naim Records.

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