Premiere: Majid Bekkas – Mrhaba (Cervo Edit)

Seven years into throwing parties Banana Hill launch their new label with a 12″ of North African infused house from co-founder CervoHaving made inroads in the clublands of Sheffield, Manchester and London they’ve been praised for their genre spanning parties by some of the best in the biz, most notably, Gilles Peterson in his 2016 roundup.

While running the Banana Hill nights with comrade JVC, Chris has also gained recognition for his productions with a release last year on R2 Records and a forthcoming EP on Lumberjacks In Hell. In line with Cervo’s previous work, his edit of Majid Bekkas, a Moroccan oud and guembri player by trade, stays true to the the original instrumentals and percussion by making them a key focus of the track. A smooth, rolling edit that keeps giving, Cervo creates ebbs and flows with clever sampling and choice of modern electronic beats and sounds that conjoin for maximum dance floor impact. 

Soudani Manayou EP is released 30th April – buy from Juno.

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