Premiere: Deoke – Kamby Version

Though only on its second release, Tiff’s Joints is a label already offering great potential in its jazz-rooted, global electronic sound. Led by Dublin-born DJ, Sean Keating (aka Born Cheating), their first release was a musical exodus through Forró and Maracatu from São Paulo’s DJ Tahira and Fernando TRZ. The second comes from Deoke aka Dave Koor, a South London record collector, DJ, and talented musician whose involvement with projects such as The Expansions, Modified Man, Andrew Ashong and Connie Constance have established a solid reputation that precedes this release.

Though the term ‘bubbler’ gets thrown around often, there are few better ways of appropriately describing this track. The chords and solemn trumpet lines constantly build over a Gregory Porter-esque bassline, with driving percussion which subtly references the UK funky sound of the late noughties. When the soft Juno 6 chord pads finally disappear they give way to a soft jazz flute which solos into the distance, bringing this excellent track to a close.

The 12” is available via Tiff’s Joints Bandcamp. Dave was also recently anointed into the Dimensions DJ Directory, and you can catch him at the festival this summer (30th Aug – 3rd Sep).

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