Bin Digging: Sam Hall’s £10 mix (BD001-025)

Bin Digging 001-025 copy

Over the last six months or so, Sam Hall‘s Bin Digging series has been proving a little goes a long way if you’re prepared to dig deep enough. Many of his secret weapons and holy grail records have surfaced in the bargain bins and, rather than keeping them to himself, he’s shared short clips of them every week on our Instagram and Facebook. We wouldn’t get a feel for their true dance floor potential unless we heard them in a mix, so every 25 editions Sam will be picking his ten favourite for a £10 mix. 

Listen to the first here, grab the tracklist and read some word below from Sam. Recently anointed to Dimensions’ DJ Directory, you can also catch sam at the festival this summer. 

“I chose the records included in this mix as I think they represent the different sounds from the deep to uplifting that you can still find in bargain bins if you actively go out to your local record store. Going out there and digging is a slowly dying hobby due with sites like Discogs and online record shops as you can get what you want from them in the comfort of your own home. Of course I buy a lot of records online but there’s no better feeling than dusting down a stack of old records and finding some sought after gem inside that you’ve never heard or you’ve been after for years. I hope this mix can showcase that for just £10 you can buy some incredible music and can put together a mix with the records that can create emotion and also get people moving on the dance floor. Get digging people!”

1. BD008
2. BD004
3. BD016
4. BD022
5. BD009
6. BD011
7. BD019
8. BD015
9. BD013
10. BD014

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