The Pilotwings’ top 10 tracks to rock your raclette party

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Idiosyncratic, eccentric and self-assured in their deference to dance floor trends, The Pilotwings are one of the most exciting things coming out France at the minute, flying the flag for Lyon and the BFDM crew. Before we team up with Noods for their Bristol debut tonight, Louis and Guillaume have found some time during their Australia tour to curate a ten track playlist of their favourite fondue feelers.

“Winter 2016-2017 has been a great season for raclette so far. A long cold snap swept across Lyon,
a massive charcuterie delivery came from Auvergne and Axel (Lastrack)’s new place was the
perfect choice for nice raclette meetings. During those BFDM intimate events, federating music
selection became as important as cheese.”

Champagn – ‘Bel Ti Negress’

As the potatoes are cooking and the room is filling with friends, zouk should be the perfect starter. We came across this Champagn song via the Tropic Music Youtube channel. Some guys must spend their lifetime uploading the never-ending Moradisc catalogue. Filled with RnB influences and uncommon synth attacks, Bel Ti Negress leads the zouk game.

Cheick Madani – ‘Laya Habibi’

Fake « Rai New Beat » actually produced in Belgium. Stupid samples, genuine building and big pads make this record really special.

Hysteric – ‘Arabian 02’

Killer edit from George Hysteric, king of italo disco. Last time we played this track in Lyon, BFDM Boss Judaah spilt a whole pint of beer during a club riot on a turntable, killing the party. May we drop the cheese on the potato with this song.

1000 Ohm – ‘Love In Motion’

This is our crew’s 80’s anthem, everyone will shout the lyrics as high as they jump in the living room. Cheesy lyrics, Incredible synths and powerfull rhythm.

Albion – ‘Pyramids’

Sacha’s Macadam Mambo, based in Lyon, has plenty of really good records and edits. This one is the classic macadam record. We’ll always remember Albion playing this one at Nuits Sonores 2015, when the record was just released. Nowadays, it’s a famous epic track for your private parties.

Space Frog – ‘I Feel Your Pain’

We’ve been listening this track for so long now. It was featured on a tape or CD compilation when we were around eight years old, back in the days haha. We brought this one back recently, everyone will agree : this is some epic dance shit!

Ferry Corsten – ‘Junk (Flashover Mix)’

Have you ever felt that one drop was the biggest drop ever ? This is what we all think about this Ferry Corsten banger. We found this one in 2006, it was in a Yves Deruyter set at Qlimax, the famous dutch hardstyle gathering. When the raclette becomes the biggest mess ever after too much liquor, spirits and stuff, we cue this track at 1:50min and just repeat these magical 30 seconds over and over. Just ignore the second part of the track haha.

Dj Vibes & Wishdokta – ‘I Want Your Love’

Choosing one song from Bonkers compilations was just too hard here, so we chose this record we usually play late in the night. Just one thing : « Make Hardcore Happy Again »

Fat Joe – ‘Take A Look At My Life’

Anthem from the Playstation 2 game « Def Jam Fight For NY » that we used to spend hours on. Fat Joe sums up the jet-set life and makes your raclette look like gold. Time for digestives!

Ingleton Falls – ‘High’

Found on a mysterious early 90’s UK tape called Champagne Mozambique. Highly emotional dub and a go-to closing track for our DJ sets as well. It sets up the right mood for digesting the huge amount of food in your stomach. Harmony.

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