Premiere: Marcel Lune – Easy Easy

We’ve become well acquainted with Stockholm powerhouse label Local Talk over the last few years; a credit to the diverse output the imprint has been championing within underground house music. From the disco-inflected style of Art Of Tones to the jazz-vocal cuts of Turbojazz, Adesse Versions and Lay-Far, the back-catalogue of the label has consistently been a welcome surprise, and it’s only continuing into the future.

Cue Marcel Lune, a Bristol-based producer who made his debut on the label recently with a beautifully produced jazzy 4-tracker that sits neatly alongside early Flopo and Harvey Sutherland. Coinciding with the label’s marking of their 5 1/2 year anniversary, today we premiere a new track from the young talent that’s off a forthcoming Local Talk compilation (80+ releases later we might add!).

‘Easy Easy’ is a magical scattergun of melody, texture and rhythm, fusing soft lead synths with dreamy pads and a funky Rhodes chords. The hyper-shuffle groove lends itself perfectly with an acid arp bassline that morphs and evolves as the track progresses. It’s not easy to master the freestyle nature of this type of house music, but Marcel has got this down to a T.

Local Talk 5 ½ Years Later is out on vinyl this month in two parts, March 6th (Vinyl Part 1) and March 27th (Vinyl Part 2). Digital release is available April 7th. Head to Local Talk for more info. 

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