Corsica Studios co-founder Amanda Moss starts Gofundme to fight life-threatening illness

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As one of the original founders of Corsica Studios, club and gig space in Elephant and Castle; Amanda Moss has played a key role in shaping the rather topical practice that is London night life. One of the few constants in the ever-shallower pool of longstanding club venues in recent times, Corsica studios has, and will continue to heavily influence the clubbing culture from its South London locale. A venue where we and many of our readers will have shared many experiences during our night time travels around the capital.

Last year Amanda was diagnosed with a rare form ovarian cancer, a form for which her only option of treatment was found in Germany and unsurprisingly, with a heavy financial outlay.

With this being the only treatment to show any signs of improvement in her condition, Amanda will need to undertake further treatments which will require her to relocate Germany for at least 6-8 weeks.

Coming in at 7000 euros weekly for the treatment as well as surrounding living and travel costs; Amanda has set up a Gofundme page to call for support to help her find the funds which will allow her to complete this course of treatment and the possibility of further treatment down the line.

Just short of half her funding goal of 100k, we ask for your help to keep the momentum going and donate what you can to help Amanda fight her rare life-threatening condition. If you can do anything, please share Amanda’s story and spread the word.

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