Premiere: Liraz – Ameneh (Mor Elian Remix)

Persian roots blended with Los Angeles-driven beats is something we need a lot more of in our lives, and Israel-based Iranian singer/songwriter Liraz has the answers.

The artist is yet another shining light coming from the Middle East (also see Mo Rayon, Ziv, Buttering Trio and the whole Raw Tapes family), fusing the 1970s sounds of her Iranian background with freshly-cut beats from Rejoicer – one of Tel Aviv’s busiest producers and founder of the Raw Tapes label.

With Liraz’s upcoming album on the way this year, soul sister and house/techno aficionado Mor Elian has put her hands on upcoming track ‘Ameneh’ to provide some hazy Middle Eastern peak-time groove to the dance floor.

The Tel-Aviv via Berlin via LA DJ/producer begins with a frenzied reverb-ladened daf rhythm (a circular Persian frame drum) that rings out alongside Liraz’s potent voice. Middle Eastern guitar scales add more spice to the mix as a deep and dark grumbly bass drives things forward against a skitty house groove. A perfectly-balanced 4am smoky crowd-pleaser to wade through and take you to another continent.

Liraz’s upcoming album Naz will be out May 2017 via Dead Sea Recordings. In the mean time, you can keep up-to-date with both talents here and here.

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