Gilles Peterson just gave away 100s of records to charity shops in North London

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Yesterday The Guardian launched a new Facebook Live series that sees well-seasoned journalist Kate Hutchinson peep into the world of the most coveted record collectors across the UK.

BBC 6 Music presenter, DJ, festival-owner, label-head and now radio-owner, Gilles Peterson was a safe place to start, who over the last 30 years has amassed over 50,000 records now split across three different spaces in London.

Alongside recounting his personal tales of signing Terry Callier, The Roots and Dayme Arocena, Gilles announced a dizzying new year’s resolution to re-group his expansive 50K+ vinyl collection from artist name A-Z to labels A-Z instead. During the interview Gilles dropped a digger’s dream bomb-shell that as part of this new year clean up he’s just cleared out and given away 100s of his own vinyl to charity shops in his local area.

Inspired by our friends at The Guardian, we’ve done a bit of our own investigative journalism to locate every possible charity shop that should help guide you on what has to be the most exciting treasure hunt of 2017. For those that don’t know, Brownswood HQ is based in Finsbury Park, North London, so we’ve made a Google Maps embed below that highlights the closest charity shops. Our recommendation would be to start with those closest to Brownswood HQ (also included in the map) and work outwards.

Aside from Gilles announcing the giveaway in The Guardian’s Facebook Live video we believe we’re the first to report on this news, so if you’re reading this right now you have a very good chance of obtaining some incredible records for next-to-nothing prices AND support a local charity.

See below for some possible options.

Ready. Set. Go!

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