Tracks of 2016: Dance (Remixes & Edits)

Tracks of 2016 - Remixes

Follow our favourite 25 dance tracks (original mixes) yesterday, we continue our end of year round-up with the remixes and edits. Again, no hierarchy on this one, as hierarchy sucks. All arranged in alphabetical order, which you can listen to individually or as part of a Soundcloud playlist. Still to come in our 100 track list is: Hip-hop & Soul, Best of the Rest.

András – Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise Mix) (Superconscious Records)

Banda de Pifanos de Caruaru – Cavalinho Cavalao (Tahira Edit) (Tiff’s Joints)

Ben Houghton – Beta Blocker (Harvey Sutherland Remix) (Momentary Records)

Benjamin Ball – Flash a Flashlight (Gerd Janson Vocal Mix) (Cultures of Soul)

Boyd Jarvis – The Music Got Me (Nick The Record & Dan Tyler’s Re-Spaminated Record Mission Dubb) (Ransom Note / House Hunting)

International Soleile Band – Ta Lassa (Hide & Smile Edit) (Soundway)

Jagger Botchway Group – Moko Le Dzen (Ruf Dug Tight Disco Dub) (Cultures of Soul)

Jaymz Bedford – Happy Music (Anthony Naples Edit) (Unreleased)

John Beltram – Guitarus (Frank & Tony’s Breakaway Edit) (Scissor & Thread)

Jonna – Through The Night (Kai Alce Remix) (Shadeleaf)

Jonny Sender – Zhibago Zhivago (Khidja Dub) (Codek)

Kondi Band – Powende Bingade (Cervo Edit)

Leon Vynehall – Midnight on Rainbow Road (Beat Edit) (Running Back)

Love Unlimited – I Can’t Let Him Down (Mighty Zaf Edit) (Love Vinyl)

Mark Seven – The Fatal Flaw in Disco (u-4-ria Mix) (World Building)

Mount Liberation Unlimited – Double Dance Love (Disko Dubb Mix) (Studio Barnhus)

Music People – Always On (Club Mix) (Mood Hut)

Omar S – Seen Was Set (Norm Talley Mix) (FXHE)

Rim Kwaku Obeng – Gas Line (Nik Weston Edit) (BBE)

Santuri – Jinja PEarls (Sam Jones Construct) (On The Corner)

Sorceress – Teacups (Chaos in the CBD Paradise Mix) (Wonderwheel Recordings)

Sterling Styles – Nobody (Dub) (22a)

Unknown Artist – Trance 2 (Trance Wax)

Unknown Artist – When Koaa (Decent International)

Yoshinori Hayashi – Waterwheel Scenery (DJ Sotofett’s Dubcurve Fix Mix feat. Osaruxo) (Jinn Records)

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