City Guide: Lehult presents Hamburg

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So turns out Hamburg is pretty cool. Not only did the city raise DJ Koze into the absolute music legend that he is, but the northern German city also has loads of canals. So its a bit like Venice, but with way more edge…and würst. Hamburg is also home to the pretty awesome collective and record label, Lehult. Made up of members Lucky Charmz, Liem, Eddie Ness, DJ Assam, Johan Kaseta, Session Victim and Tony Rainwater. Lehult have just celebrated their eighth release and are generally smashing it with their divine outpour of deep house and ambient, mixed-electronic productions. So we thought it was about time to learn a bit more about the city that brought them all together, and get them to make us a special mix from Hamburg, which incorporates the past, present and future from the city.

Check out the map above and interview below for Lehult’s favourite spots, while you listen to a 100% Hamburg mix.

Favourite place to buy records?

The Smallpeople’s record store Smallville is a great place to buy new records and have a chat. Not far away from here is also Freiheit & Roosen, a more eclectic and random place. Great to find a gem in some box in a far corner or buy some Rock music, Jungle or whatever. Groove City is a good spot for Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz.

Favourite place to listen to live music?

Golem is a great place down by the river, they have club nights in their cellar but the concerts are pretty special too. Very cozy and they make amazing drinks. Go to Komet for some Astra beers, schnaps and punk rock.

Best soundsystem / favourite club?

We do our labelnights at PAL which probably has the best sound system, Pudel would be a contender for favourite club / worst soundsystem but it’s still, infamously, closed.

Best party in the city?

We used do these crazy free new years eve nights in a run down car pay n spray, those were probably my favourite parties (Taking a break this year). Jan M’Ohr hosts Orbit Sessions which is a welcome super deep music night. Mega Geiler Drache at also closed Kraniche had a pretty great mix of hip hop and trap stuff and friends of ours playing r’n’b, while upstairs people like Benjamin Brunn or the Woodwork guys were playing trippy techno. We hope they find a new home soon. And, if it’s fair to mention, the 206 Crew including our own Epikur, DJ Fips and more throw parties that are worth looking out for. Great underground bookings and sublime party vibes.

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Favourite Cafe’s and Restaurants?

Cafe Lisboa is my shout for a coffee in the morning, and Bistro Carmagnole is our favourite restaurant at the moment. Moules frites!

Best view of the city?

In front of the Tropeninstitut you can catch a picturesque panorama of the harbour while some of St. Pauli’s finest are probably finishing their beer next to you. Head for busy Altonaer Balkon for the same with some hip crowds and Hotel Süllberg if you’re looking to make contacts with Hamburgs posh shipping tradesmen. All of these will give you a premium view of the big open-top container ships rolling into town.

Is there somewhere you like going to escape the hustle and bustle and take some time away for yourself?

We often play football together at our old school. It was designed by Arne Jacobsen and has been often described as an eyesore or just plain ugly (We think it’s pretty actually). It has one of the best concrete pitches to play five a side on. That’s a great way to let off some steam and switch your brain off for a bit. The feeling of coming home knackered from physical exercise is unbeatable. Otherwise just go for a walk down the river towards Falkensteiner Ufer. You walk by the beach, some shipwrecks sticking out the water and some of the most expensive houses in the world probably.

Best place to experience something unique to Hamburg?

Having a Fischbrötchen at the sunday morning fishmarket by the waterfront, together with loads of people that are still up and drunk is pretty unique. Sankt Pauli games too, even when they play on a unique level of poor, the match days with the stadium in the heart of town are always a good vibe.


First thing you miss after leaving Hamburg?

The closeness of us friends, seeing each other a lot. Not just for music but for everything else. Franzbrötchen, Apfelschorle, lol.

Best place to see another medium of art other than music?

Sammlung Falckenberg, Schauspielhaus and Miniatur Wunderland

Is there a person (dead or alive) who encapsulates Hamburg for you?

Actor Sky Du Mont

Where will you find the friendliest, most interesting locals to have a chat with?

Erika’s Eck at any time of the day or night. An almost 24 hour German restaurant with Roast Beef sandwiches for one Euro. A place where everyone comes together, nightshift workers, drunken people on the way home, local ‘celebrities’. It’s round the corner from our studio so we’re there pretty much every other day.

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What’s the best and worst thing about living in Hamburg?

It’s an absolutely amazing city that has a lot to offer. But sometimes it takes a long while for new stuff to come afoot. New food stuff that is all the rage in Berlin usually takes another 3 years to arrive in Hamburg. We finally started to get some (overpriced) Köfte and that already feels like a major win. It can feel a bit looped here. Although the best thing about Hamburg would be that no-one actually really cares about that either. Most people from Hamburg love their city and love doing stuff for their city, not really giving a fuck about what other people think of them or if they are cool or hip.

Who’s doing good things for Hamburg music right now, who you’d like to shout out?

Woodwork, Smallville, Press Group, Erobique, RDK Island

Who are some of your favourite up-and-coming DJs/producers/musicians bubbling up in Hamburg right now?

LFT, Rupert Marnie

Can you tell us about the mix you made for us?

All the tracks are in some way connected to Hamburg. Either the artists, remixers or labels are from Hamburg, or in the least case, the artists was living in Hamburg while making the track… We just got togethter in the studio and mapping out tunes that we somehow associate with Hamburg in one way or another 🙂

And finally, what’s on the horizon for you in terms of live dates or releases we should look out for?

We have our 9th release loaded up, it’s by a new friend of ours called Tony Rainwater. It’s weird and fast paced and kinda hard to pin down. We also got a follow up LHLTsub ready and our 10th release, which will be our first compilation, featuring tracks by the crew and some friends we’ve made over the last couple of years.

Lehult’s latest release, The Erefora Land  by Johan Kaseta is out now.


cr7hult — Never Gonna Visit U
Jaques Palminger & The Kings of Dubrock — Tuedeldub (Shackleton Remix)
Christian Bruhn — Wetten das?
Sick Hyenas — Swallow
Bert Kaempfert — Afrikaan’s Beat
Palais Schaumburg — Deutschland kommt gebräunt zurück
? — Rainwatermental808
DJ Koze — Der Wallach
Christian Naujoks — Pudel ambient Track wird nachgereicht
Lucky Charmz — Trannce Song Cover
DJ Stoplife — Baertige Hamburger Männer
Rocko Schamoni — Discoteer (DJ Koze Remix)
Erobique — Arf Patzo
Liem — Omj Taurus
Station 17 — 1,2,3 und vier
Christopher Rau — Weird Alps
Mickey Moonlight — Song (Isolee Remix)
RVDS — Under the Acid Moon
Chris Liebing Live im Phonodrom Hamburg
Lucky Charmz — Sandy (Named After A Dog)
Tony Rainwater — Let’s celebrate, Less Hats


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