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After our debut Diggers Directory from Rush Hour’s John Gomez, we return back to discoveries from the Far East with one of Japan’s most esteemed collector. Based in Osaka, Mori Ra has won plaudits across the global for his cosmic selections and edits, which include Yoruba Sister’s ‘Black Pepper’, one of the disco records of the year. We spoke to Mori about the selectors who inspire him, his most cherished musical memories and his life with vinyl. We were tempted to edit the interview to smithereens to clean up Mori’s English, but it ended up losing a lot of the charm that came with his writing.  have left it just as he chose to express himself. As always with this series, he’s put together a beautiful all vinyl mix to wrap our ears around.

DJs and producers often mention their musical education came through their family’s record collection. Was this the case for you? Can you pick out any pivotal records from your upbringing that informed your musical journey?

In my case, there is no family record was affecting me. My father had listened to record the music on cassette tape from the television or radio. I was also listening to music on cassette tape to record the music from television and radio under the influence of his father.

First record I bought myself was the animation of the record. Certainly, 7 inches records of Gundam. From the record of Dinosaur Jr I know that there is a lot of good music to indie label. I have learned a great experiment of the first album of This Heat and Faust.

Palais Schaumburg’s first album is my pivotal record. I learned that there is great music in addition to the UK and US. I bought the record of many of the German New Wave in the wake.

These ‘s a story of when a college student from my high school students. But before the story more than 20 years. I look it is seen young I’m already 43 years old. hahaha

People buy records for a multiple of reasons. What first drew you to collecting records and what motivates you to continue digging after all these years?

The reason I continue to dig is because it is fun to buy a record. Smell of different printed by age and country, the difference in quality, it can enjoy the difference in the music by the age and culture and customs difference is the motivation.

Always looking for a record that sounds fresh to me of the ear. Even as interest was not in the music I’ve heard in the past, really good and listen now! I just plain fun that kind of thing.

It is very meaningful to interact with diggers around the world that are looking for a record with the same feeling. Depending on the region, it is difficult to look for, there is likely to record looking for. Exchanges with reliable digger will us to further enrich their own music experience. Trade for that is also useful diagnostic.

What are your favourite spots to go digging and why?

Regularly patrol all over the local record shop. That’s no. 1. When the patrol with the new knowledge and adventure.

Digging isn’t just about the records you find, but the people who help you find them. Who are some of the colourful characters you’ve met on your travels in record stores round the world? Any unsung heroes you’d like to shout out?

Melbourne Left Ear record of the owner, Tokyo of the ASN, Tokyoatari. They and a number of information exchange was able. Is my hero. In fact this mix, with a lot of tracks that trade of the Left Ear Records owner.

DJs and producers often talk about a number of records that never leave their bag. Do you have any records like this?

I did not like to play the same record over and over again in the DJ. Always was the first play to record. It is always put in a record bag.But recently still been cutting their own Edit that have not been released to dub plate. I want to play in the record without USB. USB is simply liking me not not mean bad, it is my style. To play all the records when you DJ abroad.

Deposit luggage of the airplane is up to about 23kg. Since the jacket is heavy put in the room, 90 sheets to be only the contents will be able to bring the record to overseas! I will be able to play at a sufficient record in overnight

Is there a record (or records), which you’ve wanted to own but cannot afford or find in print anymore?

It has a lot. In recent years, it will rise in price of the immediately record in Discogs. Records that do not buy and miss the time is often. However, temporarily soaring prices abnormally, but some fall or trend and is too price. It’s best to buy after the trend thing missed buying in really like record. All is stretched around the antenna, best to buy within cheap, sometimes quite difficult.

It is also high even want the record, neither nor cheap great record is important. On the one hand there is also a record that does not meet is either.

Do you prefer record shopping as a solitary process or with friends to nerd out with and search for strange sounds together? If the latter, who do you like to go digging with?

In the case of local, I want to go by one person. For the first time in the land I want to go along with the local geek. It is simple.

Walking into a record shop can be quite a daunting process, with some many different genres and formats. Do you have a digging process that helps you hone in on what you’re after? 

To see all without expecting. Also see that I do not see everyday genre

How big a role does album artwork play in your digging, esp. if you’re not familiar with something you pick up?

Those made to be artwork, look at the back of the credit of the jacket. Equipment and age that you are using to play.

We asked you to keep the tracklist secret but are there any standouts from the mix you’d like to shout out?

no ID open

You recently re-edited one of the disco releases of the year, Yoruba Singers ‘Black Pepper’. How did you get involved with the project and Left Ear Records? Was it a record you were familiar with?

I am good friends with the owner Christopher of Left Ear Records. He took part in his offer. I met when I went for the first time in Melbourne with him. It has continued to very great reissue. Really honored to give me an offer. The original song is so good it was difficult to edit. So. Align the pitch so easy to play with DJ, afterthought kick and bottoms, was stretched a favorite part. I think that has been in the edit I want to respect the original song

What DJss and producers past or present, continue to inspire you?

It is Daniel Baldelli was affected by the Dj. I thought I can DJ myself listening to his mix. I guess because it was not in the DJ up to 30 years of age. However, I have continued to buy the record from 18 years of age. Rather than the usual dance music, because I had a lot of experimental record all gene, so listen to his mix, I was shocked by the things that are to DJ using something mecanica popular liked from the old days. All connected styles and song selection of the method of the mix was studying from his mix.

You currently live in Osaka, Japan. How has residing in the city, informed your DJ style, and what is Osaka’s music scene like at the moment?

In Osaka and Japan I’m most obscure underground DJ. My kind of style is difficult in Japan. Since I’m not familiar with the club scene of Osaka, but do not know well, my favorite party has been very limited. Given the situation in Japan becomes like to DJ abroad, Japan genre is not flip mortal subdivision, the party also feels like too fragmented. This enviable situation overseas.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2016, and beyond?

Soon forest jams records from oriental forest EP is prepress. Also perhaps later this year or early next year to the new EP from Berseus Heroique is released. It should have been press now. Now really have received the release of offers from a lot of the label, the rest of the year to concentrate on production.

And, we plan to gig since the year-end and New Year holidays is Ponzu Island, which met in Melbourne come to Japan in Tokyo and Osaka. In addition, I hope next year can be DJ tour abroad! We offer it Best regards

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