Zipporah on Worldwide FM – 18th October 2016

Zipporah takes over Worldwide fm for a Tel Aviv special, playing all the best music coming out of city.

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Nitai Hershkovits – Rainbow Vs. Uniporn (Raw Tapes) // Israel
Forty Forty – Come To Bed (Unreleased) // Israel
Michael Swissa – Housham Love (White Label) // Israel
ZIV – Never Fall In Love (Unreleased) // Israel
Buttering Trio – Dig Deep (Raw Tapes) // Israel
LBT – Two Shots In The Street (Raw Tapes) // Israel
KerenDun & Yudko – Water Lilies ft. Sol Monk (Raw Tapes) // Israel
Liron Amram – Electrolood (Unreleased) // Israel
Expensive Brother – Hennessey (Unreleased) // Israel
Liron Amram – Halom Yashon (NaNa Disc) // Israel
Garden City Movement – She’s So Untouchable (Moscoman Remix) (BLDG5) // Israel
Maya Danon – Waiting For Simon (Headman/Relish) // Israel
Liron Amram – Paam Paam (NDV Remix) (Unreleased) // Israel
Autarkic – I Know (Turbo Recordings) // Israel
Polar Pair – Six In The Morning (Botanika) // Israel
Mo Rayon – Moly Girl (Unreleased) // Israel
Totemo – Host (BLDG5) // Israel
ZIV – Fuck And Love (Unreleased) // Israel
Mo Rayon – Tavoi (Unreleased) // Israel
ZIV – Without U (Unreleased) // Israel

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