Heard on the Floor: 15 track IDs from The Hyrda: Theo Parrish (All Night)


Theo Parrish is an artist who should only ever play all night. With musical influences stretching right back through the history of Detroit, spanning hip-hop to soul, he is not a DJ that could have their sound condensed into even a three hour set. His singularity is defined by his eclecticism, but still maintains the deep soul and spirit that binds genres such as jazz and house together. The sound of black America is one that transcends genres and no one understands how to express this better than Parrish. 

Interestingly the warehouse room at The Hydra wasn’t at capacity, so there was plenty of room to spin and dance to the multitude of sounds that Parrish pushed through the E&S rotary mixer. Not confined to playing music in a linear fashion, he changed up the tempo and vibe whenever he felt appropriate, much in the same vein as Cosmic Slop, who have unsurprisingly been after him at their party for a number of years. Coming into The Hydra, he was in the midst of a disco and soul workout before dropping out of nowhere into a jazz interlude with Pharaoh Sanders’ ‘You’ve Got To Have Freedom’. After a few more deep jazz numbers, he picked up the tempo, playing Chaka Kahn’s ‘Too Much Love’, before moving into the soulful house music with records such as Sound Signature’s recent hit ‘Lemonlime’ by Leron Carson. Parrish continued in this vein right till the end of the evening, running well past the 6am closing time, and it’s a testament to his skill that he maintained a full house right up to the end. A true legend and selector in the purest form.

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