15 track IDs from High Hoops x Rush Hour Records

Rush Hour has achieved such remarkable longevity precisely for parties like this one, be it bringing fresh talent like Robert Bergman into the limelight or vintage performers such as Soichi Terada back from the ashes. They look at club music with a timeless attitude and it was certainly present on Saturday as Mantra Warehouse was jubilantly bouncing all the way through to 6am. Every good facet of dance music was covered across the two rooms, with our Stamp The Wax stage hosting the deeper and quirkier music on the evening. Suzanne Kraft played a raw set of breakbeats and rumbling basslines, exemplified by dropping the experimental Hessle Audio anthem ‘Steals’ by Bruce, before Interstallar Funk drove on into a pumping set of acid house, electro chug and italo disco, peaking with the electro anthem ‘Let Me Be Who I Want To Be’ by The Other People Place.

Over in the sweatbox room 1 (a testament to the dancing, given how big the space was, framed by Hold Tight‘s vibrant and playful decor), Soichi Terada delivered a typically charismatic and energetic performance before bouncing around behind Hunee and Antal as they dipped and dived through warehouse classics – Gat Decor’s ‘Passion’, obscure South African boogie with Benjamin Ball’s ‘Flash a Flashlight’ and contemporary techno with Pearson Sound’s ‘Freeze Cycle’. Despite being just over a year old, High Hoops effortlessly delivered the stage for this to happen and Rush Hour did what they do best, celebrate all that is great about dance music.


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