Premiere: Al Etto – Hold On To Love

Following a single from South African 80s icon Benjamin Ball (along with two mixes from Gerd Janson), Cultures of Soul go deep into the country’s musical heritage for their next release. Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth Disco (1980-1984) looks at a period in history where political unrest was juxtaposed by an exciting time, musically. Before the big selling ‘bubblegum’ sound of the mid-eighties took hold, many of the country’s best young musicians were guided by an American disco blueprint and the advent of synthesizers.

Cultural boycotts prevented much of this music being heard outside of South Africa at the time and so Boogie Breakdown represents a first digital release for many of these tracks. Six seminal acts are featured, with two contributions each: Harari, The Cannibals, Neville Nash, Benjamin Ball, Don Laka and Al Etto, the latter of which we premiere today.

Boogie Breakdown is out today – buy on vinyl, CD and digital from the Cultures of Soul website and Juno.

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