Premiere: Seb Wildblood – Everybody Looks Good at the Restaurant

Seb Wildblood is no house revolutionary, but then he has no qualms about it either. He keeps it simple with well-chosen jazz and soul samples, temperate percussion and a self-assured modesty. It’s not served him too badly so far either, both on his own SW catalogue and Church, the label he runs with Hollick and Apes. Following an SW cassette earlier this year, he was hounded so much for the tracks to be pressed on wax that he finally relented. Three from the original release make the cut – ‘Lifestyle’ feat. James Booth, ‘I Will’ and ‘I Wont’ – while the new addition, and title track of the EP, gets a first airing here. Not deviating from the Seb Wildblood playbook, he offers up a monologue about love at first sight, meandering sax melodies and soft percussive layers. Something to soundtrack an afternoon at a coffee shop, lost in thought watching the world go by.

SW004 is out 16th September – pre-order the vinyl from Bandcamp.

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