Stamp Mix #71: Eddie C

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In his bio it states that Eddie C needs no introduction so…well…..that puts me in a difficult position because I am supposed to drop some verbals. Keeping it simple, however, Canadian born Eddie C is the name you go to for slow-mo, disco-enthused vibes that keep you more chilled than Top Cat on some high grade. With a discography that includes tracks like the absurdly funky ‘Never Let Go’ (2010) and the hazy wondrousness of ‘Sleazotica’ (2010), we’re blessed to be getting a nice curated mix from the man himself, alongside a few questions which cover his sabbatical in the Rockies, digging with DJ Shadow, and his new album on Mule Musiq and DJing at The Mole’s wedding.

Eddie C’s On The Shore LP is out on Endless Flight / Mule Musiq – pre-order from Juno.

First, our usual ice-breaker. What’s your first musical memory?

Probably my mom dancing with me to Saturday Night Fever or Abba.

You spent a ten year sabbatical in the Rockies. What did you learn there that you employed in a musical career?

Surprisingly a lot about digging and hip-hop production techniques. Canada’s largest used record store was an hour’s drive from where I was living and when I first moved out there it was largely untouched. I met DJ Shadow in there once in the Oldies aisle. He left with about 250 records.

My good friend Crabskull from Winnipeg who I met in Canmore was (by sheer coincidence) living in my uncle’s old cabin. He had moved out there to dig and make an album. Super inspiring dude. He’s still making music. Find him!

Had you become disillusioned with music or was that more of a spiritual thing?

Perhaps with electronic music. Things in Toronto had really become a lot more commercial by the late nineties. But moving out west was most certainly a spiritual accident. It’s a long story.

Any “shit I’m going to die moments” in the Rockies?

So so many. Probably good to take a break from there.

The party that left the biggest impact on your musical journey is…..and why?

My best friend’s basement in the early nineties or anything weird that would have happened in the very musical town that I grew up in. The best parties are always when you’re young and all your friends are there AND you’re not really allowed to be doing what you’re doing.

Berlin’s music scene is strong, but what else do you love about the place?

Good question! My favourite sarcastic answer is it’s cheap and close to the airport. I have equal amounts of love and contempt in my heart. Something is keeping us here though. The beer is pretty great.

So many genre influences seem to come out in your sound (funk, disco, house) but is there one that you love delving into the most?

Not especially. Whatever fits the mood of the moment. I actually listen to a lot of ambient music. Probably something to do with my spastic personality.

Out of your three album releases to date is there one that you look back at and wish you had done something differently?

Yes, I always think about that, but in the end it was a time and a place and how it was put together is part of the story.

Your next album, On The Shore, is your third for Mule Musiq / Endless Flight. What is it about the label that makes this such a long-standing and fruitful relationship?

I’ve been working with them for seven years now yes. Consistency, good mastering from Kuniyuki, great art from Stefan Marx, and making music for them usually gets me to Japan! I love Japan. I’ll go there anytime.

For those who haven’t delved into the album yet, what can they expect?

Music manacled together by me in Berlin Wedding.

Red Motorbike your label is still going strong. How has it been juggling label with all your production and DJ pursuits?

Yes! I love making 45s. If I had more time for it there would be more releases. I enjoy arguing with Zambon about what it’s like running a record label in 2016.

The last gem you found when digging…what was it, by whom and how long had you been looking for it?

The re-issue of Minako Yoshida’s Town which is now widely available I guess. I’ve wanted the original for a long time but it’s always been too expensive. I always hoped I’d find it in Japan. It’s probably my favourite disco record ever.

If you were the illegitimate (or legitimate if you would prefer) love child to two famous acts who would they be?

Mr. Dressup and Roberta Bondar

What new / young talent should we be keeping an eye on at the moment?

Lots of good people in Vancouver at the moment. Roberto from Toronto. Dane from Edmonton.

Could you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us?

I’ve had to make a lot of mixes lately so I apologize (what Canadians do best) that it’s not a studio mix. It was recorded live on minidisc at Ipse in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. I had the pleasure of opening for the architect of house music himself, Chip E. The mix has a number of selections of house records that I bought in the 90s, and some new platten as well. I hope you enjoy it!

What’s coming up on the horizon we should look out for?

I’m DJing The Mole’s wedding this week with Dane and Koosh. The new Red Motorbike featuring myself and Roberto will be out worldwide also this week. I made a remix for Deo & Z-Man that’s getting some good play lately, which will be out soon as well. And I’ve just finished an EP for Barefoot Beats for the Mareh crew in Brazil. Exciting stuff!

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