Premiere: Youandewan – Ciel

With any release on a label started because of its founder’s ‘fascination with space and galaxy’, it’s always a joy to see what the latest artist’s interpretation is of the long running theme on the latest Voyage offering. This time its Berlin-based Yorkshireman Youandewan who delivers three tracks of interstellar dance music. Taking plenty of cues from sweeping sci-fi pads, on ‘Ciel’ it’s the lightly de-tuned keys and arpeggios that plonk you straight into the driving seat of your own galactic cruiser, chugging steadily along before everything falls away on the A2 ‘Vessel’. Essentially the second part of ‘Ciel’, once the beatless intro beams you up to god knows where, glorious electro drums come from nowhere to ease you back into head-nodding reality.

Closing out the EP is ‘Stranger (Glad Eye)’, a blissful seven-and-a-half that tips its hat heavily to Moodymann, punctured with skittering samples and yet more twinkling piano. For three tracks with many shared elements, Youandewan’s still managed to make a brilliantly varied EP, backed by full-sleeve artwork from Melbourne’s Sprinkles.

Listen to ‘Ciel’ here, with the full 12” arriving in shops 5th September – pre-order from Red Eye.

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