Premiere: Takuya Matsumoto – Red Radio

After forays onto other labels over the past two years, including excellent releases on Royal Oak and Fina, Takuya Matsumoto returns to his spiritual home, Iero for his next record, Sweetrainsuite. The record shows Matsumoto continuing to develop his signature sound, with the vocal manipulations of ‘Storm‘ and throbbing bassline on “Rainy Day Drive” both suggesting new musical avenues.

On our pick ‘Red Radio, Matsumoto plays one of his favourite tricks – slowing down the pace to a steady 112bpm and then filling the negative space with tumbling synthesiser lines. Again vocals are more prominent than we’ve come to expect, and here we have a sultry “It’s on the radio” refrain which serves as a kind of anti-chorus – instrumentation dropping away and replaced by a floaty phased-to-fuck synth. Both structurally and instrumentally interesting, we have another very solid EP from Takuya.

Takuya Matsumoto’s Sweetrainsuit is out now via Clone.

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