Premiere: Folamour – Just A Lonely Night Eating Sushis

So here we go with something new from French DJ and producer Folamour (Dr Strangelove fans watch out!).

Folamour is the co-founder of the Moonrise Hill imprint who have put out sterling cuts from Folamour (obviously!) and Kaffe Crème to name a few. Here however our productive brother steps away from his own label for a new EP on Delicieuse Records off-spin Noire & Blanche, with five tracks that bang like a monk on a drum kit in a monastery.

Our pick  is third track ‘Just A Lonely Night Eating Sushi’, a rolling number with a discreet but sweetly seductive energy. After a slightly dark intro of bass guitar riffs, shimmering high hats and the tinkle of a classic piano, the track has a lull before we are taken on a hypnotic journey as a simple hip-hop beat loops smoothly under keys, claps and more.

As the track progresses that title for the track starts to hold more emotional significance but, without the need for words, Folamour perceptibly conveys that lone time eating sushi ain’t that bad.

Fort Bellafleur EP is out 29th July on Noire & Blanche – pre-order from Bandcamp or Juno.

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