Premiere: Conga Radio – Right Beside You

Pushing out some of our favourite left-field disco and blighted balearic as of late, it’s been swift timing for NYC based label Good Timin’ to climb to the top of our go-to list of imprints this year. Whether it’s label owner Jex Opolis or label-mate Roberto, the output has been consistently golden disco, funk and house in equal measures, and their collaborative venture Conga Radio is thankfully more of the same.

Huddled together in the studio and driven by illustrious harmonies that hover between bottom-heavy balearic and effervescent house music, Right Beside You is a continuation of their debut EP Naturalmente, which saw tropic-non-tropic grooves pushing the palette of North American electronic music into fruitier territory.

Today we premiere the A-side of their latest release, which continues off in this fashion, fusing brightly tinted pads with momentous balearic groove. 808 claps and conga drums take the lead in driving pace, as a funky 80s inspired cosmic bassline brings weight and body. As the track advances, heady vocals performed by Jex absorb you further into this conga-based world – the assuring words of “I’ll be there, I’ll be right beside you” lulling you into a dream-state of pure wonder. Reaching a state of euphoria, delayed-soaked soft synths glide up and down the scale with a fresh oscillator that allows the whole track to breath.

You can pre-order Conga Radio’s Right Beside You EP from Clone (for UK & EU buyers) and Bandcamp (for N. America).

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