Om Unit’s 5 favourite slow-mo house tracks

Om Unit

A chameleonic producer if ever there was one, Om Unit has dabbled and excelled in more musical styles most would have on their iTunes. Initial moves in dubstep’s heyday with Terrorhythm were succeeded by electro for Civil Music and DnB for Exit Records. His latest for Idle Hands ventures into new territory again, accept this one is as much a history lesson into the Om Unit archives. Born from a dig into his hard drive, Friend of Day ventures into slo-mo house territory, all laid back and chuggy, in a way we’re not so used to with Om Unit. Where else could such a project find a home than in the open-minded embrace of Idle Hands? To give some idea of some influences and musical reference points behind the release, Om Unit has picked out five slo-mo house favourites,

Friend Of Day is out 8th July – pre-order from Unearthed Sounds or Boomkat.

“For me 4/4 music loses something when it goes above 120. Perhaps it’s because I was raised on disco as a kid, or perhaps the nuances you can create at a lower tempo are just ‘better’ for dancing. Who knows. I just like it slow.”

Theo Parrish – ‘Love Triumphant’

This still gives goosebumps to my feet. In my opinion one of Theo’s finest moments, it’s just beautiful. People that know themselves will feel this in the wee hours. It’s music that puts you in touch with what a lot of dance floors try to forget.

Jouem – ‘Levitation’

This is a healing track to me. It’s suspension is eased with these flecks of light and shade, just easy and introspective at the same time; a hard thing to pull off consciously, which is why it sounds so natural. I suspect this track made itself.

Gunnar Wendel – ‘578 (Omar_S Rude Boy Warm Mix)’

Mid-session chugger, for when everyone’s comfy with this tempo (hopefully). This just rides along simple, no frills. I had this on repeat driving across France some years ago, it’s stayed with me since.

Behling & Simpson – ‘Yenisei’

Bristol gang.. Behling & Simpson, the intro sounds like someone trying to play drums in a room full of ghosts then it focuses and this amazing break type thing kicks in and we’re off – those drums just carry so nice, cut through many a shite system. 3 mins in it’s cosmic afro disco time. For winners.

Jazz Neversleeps – ‘Natte Vinger’

Obscure 7″ business this one. Another great little chugger just kicks along with these great vintage sounds. I love the bass, it sounds enormous on a good system too. Definitely influenced me early on with the Om Unit stuff.”

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