Premiere: Colm K – Dream

‘Dream’ represents the freshest release coming from the productive grey matter of Colm K. It’s so fresh that the ubiquitous and climate-destroying cellophane remains tightly wrapped around this tidy bit of House.

In many respects ‘Dream’ due to feature on the compilation, Future Society curated by another productive don, Seven Davis Jr, fulfils all the tenets of a clubby and – dare I say – that rather overused word ‘uplifting’ house track.

Bequeathed with a stamp of Colm’s soulful motif – an almost deep house intro beat slowly increases in volume and then the drop (of sorts) reveals a more refined and chilled affair than the intro might suggest. It’s a cut which will leave dancers smiling as they bounce in a glorified soulful euphoric unison to sounds aimed at keeping clubbers on that ‘nice’ level.

It fits perfectly with Colm’s general musical history where he has spun tunes at sessions like the renowned Sunday Times orchestrating a knowledgeable crowd to; good vibes and clubbing nirvana.

Seven Davis Jr’s Future Society compilation is out 24th Jun on R2 Records – pre-order from Juno.


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