Premiere: Sebastian Mullaert – Windmaker (Vakula Remix)

His work as one half of Minilogue and Son Kite saw Sebastian Mullaert catapulted to the forefront of the underground dance scene, where he has remained for nearing two decades. Now working separately, and with a studio embedded in the Swedish forest surrounding his house, Mullaert has been able to focus and hone his hypnotic soundscaping on a number of releases for labels like Mule Musiq, Drumcode, Minus, Kontra and Ovum.

Windmaker sees him join the Hypercolour label with some of his finest solo work to date. At over 12 minutes long, the A-side is a silky smooth lesson in minimal production, while the B-side, which we present here, sees his work reimagined by the inscrutable Ukranian techno producer, Vakula. Centred around synth stabs, phased to perfection, and driving percussion, the slowly building layers soon have your mind transported to a forest or mountain, with thoughts cleared and your body moving in time with the reassuring kick-drum.

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