Premiere: Wolf Müller & Cass – Aiolos

As Wolf Müller continues his collaborative mini-series with Cass, it’s becoming more apparent that the ambient music they produce together has a transient feel to it; as if it comes from a country unfamiliar to the listener, where different cultures are amalgamated into something ephemeral and new.

So it is that ‘Aiolos’, from the pair’s most recent album on International FeelThe Sound of Glades, sounds like it comes from a musical realm informed by a balearic style. All kinds of strange and disparate percussion features, but a sturdy beat and sweeping atmospheric synths keep order.

Wolf Müller a.k.a Jan Schulte is a man of many aliases, responsible for a steady stream of rhythmically complex disco and African-influenced cuts. Cass on the other hand produces only ambient music. His presence on the record encourages Wolf Müller to engage more fully with his gentler, more rhythmic sensibilities and, on ‘Aiolos’, the duo find a middle ground of finely textured noise.

The Sound of Glades LP is out 10th June – pre-order from Boomkat.

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