Stamp Mix #65: Paramida


Self-labeled as “Berlin’s Most Hated”, Paramida is cut from a different cloth amongst Berlin’s mainstay savant DJs. The Berlin and Wilde Renate resident is critical of the city’s musical output, and attempts to throw a miniature, Balearic spanner in the works via her Love On The Rocks imprint, which has released records by Massimiliano Pagliara, Telephones and Fantastic Man and also collected fans along the way from nd_baumecker and Lauer. In attempt to bring something fresh to the often homogeneous German city, Paramida casts off on a sea of what she sees as “boring, serious, masculine” Berlin music, on a vessel of colour, melody, and what she describes as “a girly touch”. House and techno sounds may silhouette the selections between Paramida’s musical fingertips but her proclivity for more tropically-induced balearic sounds is what has set her apart globally. She’s not normally one for interviews, but we twisted her arm to answer a few questions, which is accompanied by an hour-long clip from a recent set.

Catch Paramida at Gottwood Festival next month. 

We know you’re not the biggest fan of interviews, so we’ll keep it light and topical! First, our usual ice-breaker. What’s your first musical memory?

I already hate this question.

You bill yourself as “Berlin’s Most Hated”. Surely not! Why is that?

Why not.

You’re about to launch the exquisitely-named new series on LOTR called Tehran Bomb. We hear Justin Vandervolgen was the brains behind the name, but what can we expect from it, musically?

Yeah, Justin said once Tehran Bomb to me. My idea was actually to start a sub-label one day, but I couldn’t come up with a good name.. Tehran Bomb was just perfect. I’m too lazy to run two labels though, so I decided to start a series on Love On The Rocks.

Is there a long-term plan for what you might want to do with the label? Expand, or just carry on the momentum you’ve been generating so far?

There is no long-term plan. I just go with the flow and see what happens. I like to be flexible and jump into new ideas. There is nothing worse than a straight routine or turning something creative into total business.

Berlin being such a techno-heavy city, how do your balearic-indebted releases go down? Is there much of a fan-base for your more space-discoey tastes, or do you have to be picky about where you play out?

To find out how my releases go down in Berlin, you would need to ask all the record  stores how LOTR sales go, because I have no clue.

As a DJ though I think one of the main reasons why Berlin was good for me is that I don’t play techno or not generally only Techno . What I play is not too cheesy and still kind of accessible for people who like harder music.

We’ve been lucky enough to dance in Renate ourselves, but what it is that makes it such a special place to play?

The fact that I could play anytime in any room and I’d know exactly what to do. That’s why I gave up my own night and don’t play there too often anymore. It’s still nice though to return from time to time, because it’s familiar and I know the people.

Are there any labels in Berlin, or further afield, that you’re particularly admiring at the moment?


You’re certainly a high-demand Berlin DJ. How has the city been treating you in the last year or so? You’ve recently said that you find Berlin to be quite uninspiring and there’s certainly a lot of talk about the city changing due to so many people moving there. Has this been something you’ve noticed?

I actually think it’s great that there are so many people moving here, because there is nothing worse than being surrounded by too many Germans.

I still think that Berlin is dead though. And it has something to do with the party, club landscape and everything that is creative. I’m so tired of this “poor, but sexy” attitude. It has become an excuse to live a lifestyle or do projects in a cheap, unclassy and partly not dignified way. I often ask myself if I should start something doing different here, but then I think my life is too short to spend it somewhere cold.

Can you see yourself operating as you are now in any other cities? Which have you enjoyed visiting the most as a touring DJ?

I don’t really want to settle down at the moment. I enjoy traveling a lot. Every city has it’s own charm and 90% of the time I experience great parties and meet lovely people.

What new / young talent should we be keeping an eye on at the moment?

Sharif Laffrey, although he is not new and also not young. But he is badass. And Juan Ramos, who is doing a release on ESP Insitute and later this year a release on Love On The Rocks.

Could you tell us about the mix you’ve made for us?

I don’t really have time to do a podcast at the moment. I also don’t have access to all my records, so I decided to send the recording of a party I played. I overslept and woke up 30min before the gig and just went straight on the decks.

By the sounds of your Beats in Space interview, you’ve got plenty more on the way this year with LOTR. What’s coming up on the horizon we should look out for?

LOTR009 will be the first Tehran Bomb and my first release. Sharif Laffrey will do another onesided release for LOTR010. Then there is also Juan Ramos’ release coming and some more Tehran Bombs.

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