Lakuti’s favourite record sleeves

Turning the “jack of all trades” adage on its head, Lakuti is a true all-rounder in the music industry who’s seemed to have mastered everything she puts her mind to. Her Uzuri label has been running since 2007, with releases from Move D, Pittsburg Track Authority, Vakula and Cassy, while it’s also spawned into a booking and management agency that looks after Levon Vincent, Fred P and Portable among others. Her London party with the latter, Sud Electronic, was running 10 years before finishing in 2011, while her DJing continues to pick up momentum for it’s depth and diversity.

Born and raised in Apartheid era South Africa, leaving behind an impoverished township in Soweto, Lakuti’s story is one that has put her in touch with a variety of musical cultures, as demonstrated by a list of her album art. Listen below to a playlist of her favourite tracks from each album as you read through the stories associated with each.

Lakuti plays Your Love at Dance Tunnel on 28th May, alongside Tama Sumo.

Tony Allen – No Accommodation in Lagos (Polydor)

There is something very positive about this particular cut. I love the message that Tony and Fela’s music always carries. Music to uplift Africans throughout the continent and it inspires us to hold our heads up high. The artwork is very beautiful, somewhat capturing the frustration and struggles of day-to-day life in a big African city.
Favourite track: ‘African Message’

Tony Allen art

Mulatu Astatke – Mulatu of Ethipia (Worthy Records)

One of the most outstanding and extremely generous musos on stage. Lovely artwork depicting him doing his thing as a younger musician. The first time I heard him some years back in London I was blown away. I am thankful that I have caught him a couple of other times recently too.
Favourite track: ‘Mulatu’

Mulatu art

Fingers Inc – Another Side (Jack Trax)

One of the most life-defining moments for me. This album really schooled me about house music. Discovering this in my youth back in South Africa just completely changed the cause of my life. I love the sassy cover as well. Guys like this never existed back then in South Africa; at least I did not know about them then.
Favourite track: ‘Distant Planet’

Fingers Inc. artwork

Mankunku Quartet – Yakhal’ Inkomo (World Records Co)

Typical serious jazz musician artwork here. The music screams and shouts home to me (South Africa). Been feeling home sick lately and this particular track brings me closer to home.
Favourite track: ‘Yakhal Inkomo’

Yakhal artwork

Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl – We Are Not The First (RVNG INTL)

From artwork to the music Jamal Moss totally flips the script and puts jazz, with little bit of weird, firmly into the 21st century. Very exciting stuff here.
Favourite track: ‘Civilisation That Is Dying’

Hieroglyphic Being art

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