Premiere: Daisho – Simba

From the first chime, ‘Simba’ combines mystery and a sense of urgency to have you so deeply involved you might only resurface at the track’s abrupt end.

A spread of eastern percussion stamps out the rhythm between the ever present bells, with Daisho keeping a steady hand, introducing new ideas at just the right moments. Arrangement is the key here, the first kick comes in at two minutes, there is a sole chord sequence, which brings flourishes with percussive variations and melodic modulation to the fore.

Daisho has set up his base Pune, India, although you will have better luck finding him in the Himalayan foothills, where he is scouring the land on a musical excursion for cues towards his next work. Only something the meticulous minds at On The Corner Records could uncover.

A remix of ‘Simba’ appears on the Penya Investigations cassette from Magnus P.I. There will also be a release party on 24th April at Rye Wax.

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