10 Track IDs from Tief presents Tim Sweeney (All Night)


Tim Sweeney’s name alone is enough to spark people’s interest, and with good reason. When Tief teamed up with NTS last year for a Beats in Space special, the selector brought tastes of the classic and the obscure to the hollow walls of The Bussey Building. Inevitably we were keen to hear what Sweeney boss would bring to the table this time when tasked with an all-night marathon at The Columbian, Corsica Studio’s nieghbour and occasional room 3. In predictable fashion, last Friday proved his unrivalled knowledge of party cuts and disco grooves are enough to make grown men weak at the knees.

Manning the Bozak rotary mixer, amongst the haze and the fog Sweeney played out wondrous edits from Gay Marvine and John Morales woven amongst stomping four-to-the-floor reworks from Robert Hood and his Floorpan alias. More classic selections came courtesy of Hercules and Love Affair’s ‘Blind’ and the soulful sounds of Alicia Myers, earning claps and whoops from the crowd. Predominantly straddling house and disco throughout his six hour set, the addition of Sleeparchive’s deep and dubby remix of Rhythm & Sound cooled down the pace before newer cuts like DJ Shante’s ‘Turn Around’ brought us back into the party ether.

Unfortunately we were left wanting that little bit more as Sweeney was cut short, finishing up at 5am rather than 6am, but it’s fair to say all involved had their dancing itch suitably scratched.

Here’s 10 favourites from the night. Next up, Tief welcome Prosumer, Michael Serafini and Akirahawks on 29th April.


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