Premiere: Hi & Saberhägen – Qyzyland

Hi & Saberhägen, aka Kami and Pete, are two friends from Glasgow who, when it comes to their productions, aren’t afraid to veer outside of their comfort zone. Independently they’ve been making music for a while, with Kami also running Juice, a regular night at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh, but it was only last year that their debut EP via Huntleys & Palmers dropped. This pair may be fairly new to the game but they’ve already drawn interest from Joy Orbison, Tim Sweeney and Anthony Naples, whose label, Proibito, is releasing Qyzyland, their latest EP.

Our pick is the title track, a production that fuses harsh textures and soft, glimmering flourishes. In the accompanying video, made by What It Is Is, the flashing grainy negative of a Korg Electribe visualises the firm kick that opens the track, meanwhile a metallic whir acts as a foundation. As it unfolds, echoing percussive elements ricochet about the production before we are greeted by ascending twinkles of synth that juxtapose seamlessly with the huge reverberating bass below.

Qyzyland EP is out now – grab it from Juno.

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