Premiere: Long Body – Stay Vacation

Perth’s disco dancers and music lovers have, in part, got Good Company to thank for evolving their burgeoning house and disco scene. After four years of curating parties, they launched their record label last summer alongside their DIY record shop of the same name. Now the imprint’s third release sees a union with Long Body – made up of friends Timo L and Deni Deni – and although we’ve not much information to go on, this sunlit lo-fi number is yet another testament to the prosperous scene down under.

You might want to lie back and close your eyes for this one. With soul soothing qualities ‘Stay Vacation’ envelopes you in a blanket of dreamy pads and woozy keys, the melodic sequence meandering throughout offering tropical video game pings reminiscent of D.K.’s recent musings. One of four cuts taken from their Hi Vibe EP, it instills those cleansing Mood Hut qualities, letting us indulge in the illusion we are drifting hazily above the clouds for a few minutes.

Hi Vibe EP is out soon – pre-order on vinyl from Juno and on Bandcamp for digital. 

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