Premiere: Al Dobson Jr – Overseas, Lebenese

Last Friday officially marked Al Dobson Jr’s return to Rhythm Section with Rye Lane Volume II & III, a 28 track LP chockfull of jingling percussion and sultry rhythmic coups. Part of the Peckham stronghold of world-influenced musicians, alongside Mo Kolours, Tenderlonius, Reginald Omas Mamode IV and others, Al Dobby possesses a striking aptitude for pulling various influences and boiling them down into something interminably fresh and personal.

After the LP’s release on Friday you may well already be familiar with Premiere, but here’s something for your Soundcloud and Youtube playlists. Forget Baklava and Mafroukeh, this is a real Middle-Eastern treat. ‘Overseas, Lebanese’ is 1min 26 seconds that intrigues and enchants with its marrying of traditional Arabic maqam and trundling rhythmic drum tapping. Like many cuts on the LP, it’s short and sweet – before you know it, the song has reached its hazy conclusion, yet those images of sun-steeped mosques and dusty side streets still remain.

Rye Lane Vol. II & III is out now on Rhythm Section. Grab it form their Bandcamp.

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