Premiere: Jayda G – Sound of Fuca

Jaydaisms might be Jayda G’s first solo EP, but it’s one many will have been waiting for. A high standard was set by the dubby electronics of last year’s Velvet Vortex on Sleep D’s Butter Sessions, her first collaborative release with leftfield house wizard and co-founder of the multifarious Sex Tags, DJ Fett Burger. NYC Party Track followed, the inaugural release on the pair’s Freakout Cult imprint (which sprang from their party of the same name) and become one the year’s most iconic underground house releases.

Splitting her time between Vancouver and Berlin, where the Sex Tags brothers now reside, Jayda’s sound combines just a little of the analogue haziness that’s come to be associated with the Canadian Riviera, with the leftfield sensibilities of the Sex Tags crew.

Lead track, ‘Sound of Fuca’ opens with dubby sounds and reversed pads, cut through by a simple but driving plucked bass, creating a sub-aqueous feel which soon opens out into vibrato-laden chords and melodies, a sensory equivalent to emerging into the sun from underwater on your summer holidays. The track combines this deep, affirmative glowing with a funky movement from the interaction between the persistent bassline and cascading toms.

Elsewhere on the EP, the ‘PCB Mix’ then loses the original chord sequence, opting for a deeper and more atmospheric melodic cut. ‘IGA’ featuring Alexa Dash is a similarly bass-driven piano house track, textured with chopped and reversed soul vocals, and field-recorded snippets of conversation, ostensibly sampled from the recording-process. ‘Rishikesh’ is driven by a big, slowed down US house beat, layered with congas and washed in blissful reverb-soaked pads and melodies; in its drum patterns at least, this is perhaps the closest on the EP to ‘NYC Party Track‘. And finally, ‘Dreamstate’ goes deeper with the dark, jazzy modal inflections of Detroit and Chicago.

Jaydaisms is a confident step into independence, with a coherent personal voice that could be heard in the earlier releases but is boldly revealed in its own right here. Expectations may have been unreasonably high for this first solo EP, but it certainly lives up to them.

Jaydaisms is out now and already gone from Hardwax, Juno and Redeye. Get hunting!

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