Catch three different Gaslamp Killer events in 12 hours

Gaslamp Killer

Gaslamp Killer’s live sets are visceral and enthralling and his DJ sets are no different. This Friday in London, thanks to Convergence, he’ll be showcasing both these sides in two separate shows, alongside an additional Q&A earlier in the afternoon.

First up at the Ace Hotel, GLK will go in conversation with DJ and BBC 6Music presenter Mary Anne Hobbs as part of the Convergence Sessions series. Later that evening, he heads to Village Underground for an eight hour GLK takeover, first with a live show, then a late night DJ session. Never caring to conform to a genre for longer than he pleases, he has an armoury of over 10,000 records and he’s not afraid to have some fun. He didn’t get that name for no reason.

Beside GLK, another icon of the LA beat scene, and one who deserves to be credited alongside men like Flying Lotus, is Kutmah. His Worldwide Family Vol. 2 welcomed a now established and revered musician amongst us, Seven Davis Jr. With an unrivalled ear for talent Kutmah’s DJ set is sure to be filled with unreleased dubplates and his own label classics.

In addition to those are two acts relatively new to the fray and both very unique in their own right. Buttering Trio are a trip-hop trio from Israel, redefining the genre with their Middle Eastern twist while South London’s GAIKA has carved a sound that hangs between gothic grime and soundtrack music. Using space and organic sounds he creates atmospheres that are unnerving and yet familiar.

Tickets for the Q&A, live show and DJ set is available from the Convergence website.


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