10 Track IDs from Lemon Drizzle Presents: Space Dimension Controller & Dan Shake


Lemon Drizzle presents may be a relatively new night in Bristol but some solid, well-crafted bookings have earned them a bit of attention. Their first event, a funk-laden affair at The Lanes that featured Max Graef, was impressively thought out. For their second event Lemon Drizzle took a step out of their comfort zone, organising a dance at The Fleece – a venue better known for it’s affiliation with Bristol’s rock scene.

Although taking a risk like that can have pay-offs, it can sometimes backfire. Lengthy queuing times and disgruntled bouncers unprepared for an influx of dancers caused a hassle outside the venue. But inside, projected visuals and a crisp soundsystem acted as a reminder that clubs with a single dancefloor are special in their own right (see Dance Tunnel or The Wenlock and Essex). While there was minimal connection between the crowd and the various DJs that took to the decks, which were tucked away on stage, this was a price worth paying for a spacious dancefloor with a genuinely exciting atmosphere.

What really impressed was the diverse musicality of the selectors. Andrew Ashong delivered a skilful warm-up set, setting the tone with some smooth, undulating cuts. Then came Space Dimension Controller, whose set pogod between trance, disco and Aphex Twin-style techno, finally ending on Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ – a brave selection that felt unpretentious rather than comic.

Dan Shake might have been the star of the night – cutting between classic funk and Josh Wink’s ‘Talking To You’. Shake dug deep, mixing anthems like Floorplan’s ‘Never Grow Old’ with obscure disco like De Gama’s ‘Afrika’, finishing with a camped-up edit of ‘Miss You’ by The Rolling Stones. Putting any scruples aside, Lemon Drizzle Presents managed to foster a real sense of musical freedom that evening, gracefully running the gauntlet between disco, techno and everything in between.

Here’s our ten musical highlights from the night.

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